La Falco: hystory

Railways maintenance machines and tools: production and maintenance



Oct.1977 - Giuberti Enzo established La Falco, to repair and make standard maintenance on the railway machines.



May.1982 - Produced first La Falco road-rail loader: GF 21
Feb.1985 - Produced first track laying gantrie: T20.
Lug.1985 - Due to the huge production LA Falco established a new bigger plant
Gen.1986 - Railway fittings: the first Unimog fitting is developed by La Falco
Giu.1986 - Produces the first trolley for tracklaying machines: GMR300
Feb.1987 - Produced the track laying gantries T30
Ott.1987 - Produced the first "heavy" railway loader: J872
Mar.1988 - Following the hig request a evolution of the J872 was produced: J882



Ott.1990 - Produced the first tamping machine
Set.1992 - Produced the first heavy track laying gantrie:  F40
Nov.1994 - Produced the first "light, fast and agile" road-rail loader: GF22



Mar.2000 - Introduced thr company Quality Control: LA Falco agree to the  ISO9000 and ISO9001standard
Mag.2001 - Produced the second series of the J882 road-rail loader
Lug.2004 - La Falco first export to foreign market
Apr.2005 - In honor of Enzo Giuberti, the heaviest and powerful La Falco road-rail loader takes his name. Is produced the first ENZO
Gen.2006 - Produced and patented the F40TR track laying gantrie
Feb.2006 - Produced the first radiocontrolled  trolley for track laying gatntries
Mag.2006 - Patented the firs road-rail loader with automatic variable track gauge
Ott.2008 - Established the new "Boretto" production plant



Apr.2010 - RFI qualify LA FALCO to maintenance and recondition its own railway machines
Nov.2011 - Produced the first loading rails crane: GCR 1000

Sep.2012 - Is built and delivered the sleeper gantry PLF20

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