La Falco railways machinery design, construction and maintenance.

La Falco has many years of experience on road-rail loaders. Hydraulic track laying machinery, railway fittings, loading rails crain, raylways machine and maintenance equipments. La Falco design and build even special machine tailored on the customers needs. The company operates from premises with a surface area of 8,000 m2, approximately 1,600 of which is covered. In the yard area there is a section with different tracks gauge, wich is used for special and planned existing machines maintenance (also not La Falco brand) and test the new one.

Road rail loader
La Falco's family of road-rail loaders includes four ty
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Track - switch laying
La Falco design and produce a full range of gantries an
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Rail fittings
La Falco designs and produces rail fittings for a wide
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Ballast regulator
Thanks to a great experience in the railway sector, La Falco announces the start of production of ballast regulator machines. These machines are designed and built as multi-purpose machines , able to used with
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