Track - switch laying

La Falco design and produce a full range of gantries and trolleys for track and switch laying.

Thanks to patented laying system that permit to make an extremely quick and safe work, these machines fix a new world standard in the construction in the railway infrastructure.

F40 TR
Enginex88 kW(120 HP) @ 2300 rpm
Lifting capacityx40 ton
Laying typesxLongitudinal and lateral
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Enginex47.8 kW(65 HP) @ 2800 rpm
Lifting capacityx30 ton
Laying typesxLateral and logitudinal
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Enginex15.3 kW (20 HP) @ 3600 rpm
Lifting capacityx50 ton
Weightx4.000 kg
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Enginex30.6 kW (40 HP) @ 3600 rpm
Lifting capacityx80 ton
Weightx6.500 kg
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