Locomotive and shunter

The OM191 locomotive represents an excellent solution for railway work needs. With a range of powerful engines ranging from 375 kW to 595 kW, it offers significant pulling power for high-intensity applications. The locomotive is equipped with a dual independent hydrostatic transmission, ensuring effective traction and a responsive performance to load variations.

The frame structure of the OM191 locomotive is built with high-strength tubular materials, providing enhanced durability and robustness. This locomotive is compliant with the safety standards of the EN 14033 regulations, offering reliability and safety assurance for operators and cargo.

The cabin of the OM191 locomotive is designed to provide a comfortable and ergonomic working environment. It comfortably accommodates up to 4 people, featuring ample glazed surfaces for optimal visibility during operations. Its EN 14033 certification confirms adherence to safety regulations for railway transportation.

In summary, the OM191 locomotive is a powerful and reliable solution capable of handling heavy loads and demanding railway operations. With its dual hydrostatic transmission, sturdy frame, and EN 14033 compliance, it is an ideal choice for industrial and rail transport applications.

The OM191 locomotive offers a range of advantages that make it an exceptional choice for railway operations. Here are some of the key benefits:

Dual independent hydrostatic traction: The OM191 locomotive is equipped with dual independent hydrostatic traction, allowing it to maximize pulling capacity at both high and low speeds. This translates to increased flexibility and pulling power in various operational scenarios.

Compact width: The OM191 locomotive is designed with a maximum width of less than 2.5 meters, enabling road transport using standard methods. This advantage eliminates the need for exceptional transport, simplifying and reducing locomotive relocation costs between different work areas.

Versatility and customization: The OM191 locomotive is highly versatile and can be customized to meet diverse operational requirements. With a range of available engines, ranging from 375 kW to 595 kW, it can adapt to a wide range of loads and applications.

Efficiency and reliability: Thanks to its dual independent hydrostatic traction, the OM191 locomotive ensures optimal traction in different operational scenarios, improving the efficiency of railway transport. Additionally, its robust structure made of high-strength tubular materials guarantees greater reliability and durability over time.

Safety and compliance: The OM191 locomotive is designed and certified in compliance with the EN 14033 regulations, ensuring the highest safety standards for railway operations. This ensures industry compliance and the protection of personnel and cargo during transportation.

The OM191 locomotive offers a unique combination of dual independent hydrostatic traction, road-transportable width, versatility, efficiency, and regulatory compliance. These advantages make it an ideal solution for railway pulling needs, enabling operators to tackle various operational challenges with high performance and guaranteed safety.

Technical chart

Engine power from 375 to 595 kW
Emmisions 2004/26/EU Step 5
Maximum speed 60 km/h
Weight from 26 to 37 ton
Wheelbase 4500 mm
Lenght 10 m
Width 2,5 m

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